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Re-defining the meaning of websites

A website is just a site that people can visit when they search for your company online. Its a location where one can get information about your brand when you give them your business card or when they get to hear about your company.

But the question is, what if someone doesn’t hear about your company or doesn’t have your website URL? (It’s very much possible, you know)

Does it mean that your site will be stagnant? Is it that your website is just another formality like having an office and people in it?

See, most companies do not understand that the major reason why they got a designer to do their website is because it is a MARKETING TOOL that they would use to get more clients or to build awareness about their brand.

Just like social media, your website has to be interactive and informative. Potential clients should be able to get a feel of what your company is about and what you stand for just from visiting your website.

First things first, how do you get them to visit? CONTENT. Content is king! Your entire website is important but your blog/ news section is more important because it generates traffic. Traffic is the build-up of people, new and current who visit your site to read your content. Whether its stories, photos, lessons or experiences, as long as they are captivating people will visit your site to check them out.

Secondly, how do people get to know you have a new blog post or news on your site? SOCIAL MEDIA. Your stories have to be sharable on all platforms. That also means that you have to have an audience on your social media pages who love your brand and understand what your core objectives are. These are the same people who will be your brand advocates and who will share your stories with the rest of the world.

Don’t allow your website to be stagnant, unappealing and not represent your brand well. If so then SCRAP IT OFF, PULL IT DOWN and stick to your physical location. There is no need of you killing your brand online just because your website is not updated or your URL is not working or by having a blank site which doesn’t not have enough content.


June Syowia

CEO Beiless Group Limited

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